What is VCC slate?

What is VCC slate?

The Virtual Console Collection allows your DAW to take on the personality of a real analog mixing desk, improving the imaging and depth and making instruments sit better in the frequency spectrum. …

What does VCC channel do?

The VCC Channel and Mixbuss are saturation modules. Above a certain input level proper to each consoles, the algorithm starts clipping, which means more saturation and non-linearities. As soon as the signal gets above the Clip Threshold, the Clip-LED lights.

Are slate plugins good?

Some people love Slate since the Virtual Mix Rack offers great value for those happy with subscribing – the plugins themselves are almost all very well done and they’re backed up by lots of training materials/demos.

Are Slate Digital plugins free?

Get It Free Create a free account on Slate Digital and you’ll be making incredible mixes with Fresh Air in seconds.

What is the Virtual Console Collection on slate?

That’s the claim Slate Digital are making for their Virtual Console Collection. The Virtual Console Collection comprises two plug‑ins: Virtual Channel (left) and Virtual Mix Buss (right). The latter has been expanded here to show the grouping controls.

What do you need to know about slate VCC?

Slate VCC. As a home‑studio owner who works digitally and ‘in the box’, I’ve always been a little bit sceptical about products that are supposed to make mixing on a computer more like mixing in the analogue domain. On the ergonomic front, for instance, I’ve never enjoyed using small assignable fader surfaces.

Can a VCC be calibrated on a per group basis?

VCC can be calibrated globally and on a per‑group basis to compensate for variations in recording levels. (This would be the equivalent of globally trimming the output levels from a digital multitrack recorder to get best performance from a hardware desk.)

How does a VCC plug-in communication work?

Communication between different instances of the VCC plug‑ins thus extends only as far as providing convenient ways of grouping and ganging controls, which we’ll come to in a minute. In terms of audio processing, each plug‑in operates entirely independently of the others.