What is the use of MultiProvider in SAP BW?

What is the use of MultiProvider in SAP BW?

A MultiProvider is known as an InfoProvider that allows you to combine data from multiple InfoProviders and makes it available for reporting purposes.

What is the difference between MultiProvider and InfoSet?

A MultiProvider builds up a data union of basic InfoProviders. An InfoSet builds up a data join of basic InfoProviders.

What is difference between composite provider and MultiProvider?

What we have noticed is that the query in the multiprovider runs faster compared to the same query rebuilt on composite provider. The query is exactly the same and returns the same number of records,the composite provider uses the same infoproviders( SPOs and cubes total about 20) as the mpro.

How do I add InfoObject to MultiProvider?

Else just drag the InfoObject to the right side to any related Multiprovider. Then after drag, you need to Right click on the InfoObject and select ‘Identify (Assign)’. A window will prompt and just tick on the tick box. And activate the Multiprovider by clicking the Match button on upper right side of the screen.

What are multiproviders and Infosets in SAP BW?

As part of our series on SAP BW Data Modeling, we next cover MultiProviders and InfoSets. MultiProviders and InfoSets enable you to combine other InfoProviders into a logical group. In turn, this group provides a semantic layer on which to base reporting.

Do you need to create a multiprovider in SAP?

If there is an InfoObject that doesn’t exist, then you need to create it and activate the same. You can also install a MultiProvider from SAP Business Content if you don’t want to create a new MultiProvider. To create a MultiProvider, you can go through the following steps − Create an InfoArea to which you want to assign the new MultiProvider.

What’s the difference between multiproviders and bi Infosets?

In turn, this group provides a semantic layer on which to base reporting. As both MultiProviders and BI (Business Intelligence) InfoSets do not store the data per- sistently, the data is only collected when the queries are executed. We explore and explain the differences and simi- larities between MultiProviders and InfoSets in this eBook.

Where does the data for multiproviders come from?

MultiProviders themselves (like InfoSets and VirtualProviders) do not contain any data. Their data comes exclusively on the InfoProviders upon which they are based.