What is the orange button on Motorola radio?

What is the orange button on Motorola radio?

When the ORANGE button is activated an EMERGENCY has been declared until otherwise canceled. With the activation of ORANGE button, it also signals what radio it is. This is only as good as you are at confirming that you’re wearing/using the radio for your assigned seat.

How do I sync my Motorola walkie talkies?

Press and hold the large Push to Talk (PTT) and MON buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds while you turn the radio on. The radio will beep and display the letters PROG. The channel number will flash and the letters FREQ (frequency) and CODE will alternately flash on the display.

Where can I find the Motorola pr860 user manual?

Parts of the Radio ….4 PR860 Model ….. 4 On/Off/Volume Knob . Miscellaneous ….. . 23 English COMPUTER SOFTWARE COPYRIGHTS The Motorola products described in this manual may include copyrighted Motorola computer programs stored in semiconductor memories or other media.

What is the Motorola pr860 RF exposure booklet?

RF Exposure booklet enclosed with your radio (Motorola Publication part number 68P81095C98) to ensure compliance with RF energy exposure limits. For a list of Motorola-approved antennas, batteries, and other accessories, visit the following web site which lists approved accessories: http://www.motorola.com/cgiss/ index.shtml.

What does channel selector knob on Motorola pr860 do?

Channel Selector Knob Switches the radio to different channels. LED Indicator Indicates status of battery, power-up, scanning, and receipt of a selective call.

What are the buttons on the pr860 radio?

Radio Overview RADIO OVERVIEW PARTS OF THE RADIO PR860 Model Channel Selector Knob On/Off/Volume Knob Side Button 1 (A) (programmable) Push-to-Talk (PTT) Button Side Button 2 (B) (programmable) Side Button 3 (C) (programmable) English Top Button (TB) (programmable) LED Indicator…