What is the most common nail disorder?

What is the most common nail disorder?

Onychomycosis (tinea unguium and Candida onychia) Background: Onychomycosis is the most common nail disorder, affecting 2%-13% of Americans.

What are 8 common nail disorders?

Local Nail Abnormalities

  • DYSTROPHIC NAILS (SELF-INDUCED) Dystrophic nails (Figure 2) can be caused by repeated manipulation of the nail plate (e.g., manicures/pedicures, biting, rubbing).

What are the 5 common nail problems?

Tips to treat the 5 most common nail disorders: brittle nails, onycholysis, paronychia, psoriasis, onychomycosis.

What are 2 common problems with nails?

Common causes of fingernail or toenail changes include trauma, aging, infection, and skin diseases. Diet is generally not responsible for abnormal nail changes, unless the person is suffering from severe malnutrition.

What are the different types of nail disorders?

5 Common Nail Disorders Greenies (Pseudonomas) A bacterial infection that occurs between the natural nail plate and the nail bed, and/or between an artificial nail and the natural nail. Vertical Ridges. The nail plate grows forward on the nail bed in a ‘rail and groove’ effect. Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) A Fungal infection of the nail plate (more common in feet).

How do other illnesses affect nail disorders?

Illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, heart conditions, skin conditions, and autoimmune disease can affect the body by creating a nail disorder as a symptom of the underlying illness. Illnesses that affect your body’s ability to process certain materials, like kidney disease, increase the build up of certain chemicals in your body that affect the nails. Skin conditions like psoriasis and certain rashes affect the skin surrounding the nail and can create lesions on the nail.

What are possible complications of nail disorders?

4 Possible Complications of Untreated Toenail Fungal Infections Foot Pain. As a toenail gets more and more infected, the nail becomes thicker and more painful. Nail Loss. One of the more common complications of toenail infections is onycholysis – the separation of nails from their nail bed. Spread of the Infection. An untreated infection can spread to other parts of the body. Other Body Infections. Conclusion.

Can nail disorders be prevented?

Good hygiene and maintenance can help prevent nail disorders. Keep nails clean and dry. Clip your nails but do not remove the cuticle. Consult a dermatologist for more information. Nail disorders are commonly diagnosed through physical exam and lab tests.