What is the largest native corporation in Alaska?

What is the largest native corporation in Alaska?

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation The Barrow-based corporation is the largest Alaska-owned corporation, with holdings in four major categories: petroleum refining and marketing; government technical services; energy services; and construction.

What is the largest Native regional corporation?

Doyon Limited In 2019, Doyon had over 20,000 shareholders and its headquarters is located in Fairbanks. Doyon Drilling is the corporation’s largest subsidiary, producing more than half of the corporation’s revenues.

How many Alaska Native companies are there?

Today there are 198 village corporations, according to the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities.

What is the name of the Alaska Native corporation situated in southwestern Alaska that is primarily Yup ik?

Calista Corporation
Calista was incorporated in Alaska on June 12, 1972. Although the Calista region is in western Alaska, Calista Corporation is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Calista is a for-profit corporation with 17,300 Alaska Native shareholders primarily of Yup’ik descent.

How many Alaska Native regional corporations are there?

Alaska Native regional corporations are owned by over 130,000 Alaska Native shareholders and hold title to nearly 27 million acres of land across Alaska. Alaska Native regional corporations manage the land for the benefit of their shareholders. For more information about Alaska Native regional corporations:

Are there village corporations in the state of Alaska?

The fact that many ostensibly Alaska Native villages throughout the state were not empowered by the ANCSA to form village corporations later led to a number of lawsuits. The regional and village corporations are now owned by Alaska Native people through privately owned shares of corporation stock.

Who are the owners of land in Alaska?

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 extinguished aboriginal land title and mandated the creation of private, for-profit corporations owned by Alaska Native shareholders. Alaska Native village corporations are owned by Alaska Native shareholders and hold title to nearly 17 million acres of land across Alaska.

Who are the largest Native corporations in the world?

Native Corporations Overview. 1 Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. 2 Ahtna, Inc. 3 The Aleut Corporation. 4 Bering Straits Native Corporation. 5 Bristol Bay Native Corporation. 6 Calista Corporation. 7 Chugach Alaska Corporation. 8 Cook Inlet Region, Inc. 9 Doyon Limited. 10 Koniag Inc.