What is the difference between a butterfly and a fritillary?

What is the difference between a butterfly and a fritillary?

Fritillaries are a smaller group within the butterfly family Nymphalidae. All butterflies in this family have tiny front legs that lack claws (in most other butterfly families, the front legs have claws). This family includes many other common butterflies, including viceroys, checkerspots, and heliconians.

Is a monarch a fritillary?

The regal fritillary (Speyeria idalia) is a large butterfly that is similar in size to the monarch butterfly. The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippusis) a well-known butterfly. The upperside of male is bright orange with wide black borders and black veins.

What sort of creature is a fritillary?

List of fritillaries (butterflies) This is a list of butterfly species in diverse genera with the common name fritillary.

Are gulf fritillary caterpillar poisonous?

The larvae, which are shiny orange with black spines, feed on the leaves of passionflower vines which render them poisonous to predators. Gulf Fritillary caterpillars are non-stinging if touched.

Where was the last sighting of the Atossa fritillary butterfly?

The Atossa fritillary butterfly ( Speyeria adiaste atsaos) was abundant in southern California mountain ranges. The last sighting occurred in 1960 near the peak of Mt. Pinos. The causes of its extinction are unknown.

How did the fritillary butterfly get its name?

Fritillary is also the name of a flower with an interesting checkered pattern; it is obvious that both the flower and the butterfly get their common name because of such pattern. Another name for these handsome butterflies is silverspots because of the metallic markings on their wings undersides.

How many species of fritillaries are there in the world?

There are fourteen species of the so-called greater fritillaries (genus Speyeria) and sixteen lesser fritillaries (genus Bolloria). The greater fritillaries are larger than the lesser ones as their name indicates. Some of them are very hard to tell apart and when seen in flight it is easy to make mistakes.