What is the characteristics of Gare Saint-Lazare?

What is the characteristics of Gare Saint-Lazare?

Monet’s achievement is extraordinary, and The Gare Saint-Lazare, the Auteuil Line has rightfully been singled out as among the most impressive paintings of Impressionism. Monet renders the steam with a range of blues, pinks, violets, tans, grays, whites, blacks, and yellows.

When was the Gare Saint-Lazare painted?

The Gare Saint-Lazare: Arrival of a Train/Created

What was Monet’s greatest objective in creating the Saint-Lazare station?

To capture the industrialization and modernization of Paris.

Where did Claude Monet exhibit his painting the Gare St Lazare?

Musée d’Orsay
After working on rural landscapes, Claude Monet returned to Paris in 1877 and made a dozen oil paintings of the Gare Saint-Lazare railway station in Paris….List.

Title La Gare Saint-Lazare
Museum Musée d’Orsay
City Paris
Country France
Dimensions (cm) (in) 75 cm × 105 cm 30 in × 41 in

Where is the Gare Saint Lazare in Paris?

The Gare Saint-Lazare is situated in the 8th arrondissement, in a very dense business and shopping area of Paris. Located near the Métro stations : Saint-Lazare , Europe , Havre – Caumartin and Saint-Augustin . The Gare Saint-Lazare has been represented in a number of artworks.

Which is the only painting of the Gare Saint Lazare?

Here however, we must pause as The Gare Saint-Lazare, the Auteuil Line is an exception within the full group—it is one of only two paintings of the train station shown on a bright bright, sunny, day. In contrast, the other ten paintings (for example the one at the Harvard Art Museums, above) show dark, hazy views of the Gare Saint-Lazare.

Is the reception desk at Gare Saint Lazare open?

The Gare Saint-Lazare provides the Accès Plus service to assist and accompany people with limited mobility in the station and to trains. The reception desk is open daily, including holidays : 6am to 11pm.

Where are the ripples in behind the Gare Saint Lazare?

The ripples guide the eye to both the pile of debris on the bottom and the pile of rocks on top, which point towards both the wall with the “Railowski” poster and man peering through the fence. The fence then points up at the clock tower and its adjacent building and the grey sky.