What is the best free digital scale app?

What is the best free digital scale app?

11 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android & iOS

  • Weight Scale Estimator.
  • Truck Scale Calculator.
  • Digital Scale FREE – weight estimator simulator.
  • Right Weigh Load Scale App.
  • Digital Scale Simulator.
  • 3 Grams Digital Scales app with Weight Converter.
  • Weight Scale Simulator Prank.
  • Kitchen Scale.

Can I use my phone as a scale?

All you need is a suitable app, a post-it, and a resealable plastic bag (“air cushion”) to transform cellphones and tablets into scales. First, download the “Working Scale” app onto your Android device. Open the app and wait until it’s ready to start weighing objects.

Is there an app that works as a scale?

Scales. Scales or Scales, also known as Meter Weight Simulator is a digital weighing scale app for Android. This allows you to measure the weight on any rounded and smooth object. The app is offered by TanoApps.

Are there any free apps for digital scale?

Digital Scale FREE is another application that is designed to be used as a smartphone scale. In fact, it is a simulator, and the data you receive may be quite far from reality. The application itself looks like it will really help you measure the weight of any objects.

How does the precision digital scale app work?

Taking advantage of the accelerometer, this application enables you to weigh any object simply by placing it in the top of your phone or tablet. For now the weight is approximated (the application is in beta version), the measurement accuracy depends also on how you use the scale, you must lay the objects as gently as possible on the device.

How can I use digital scales on my phone?

Balance your phone on something curved or soft and then place objects to weigh on bottom of phone. 2 – Visual Digital Scales Use your phones Screen and visual referencing to weigh with some accuracy larger objects. Requires a little DIY using common household objects. Requires calibration.

What are the features of a digital scale?

Features: Sensor based Digital Scales Screen based Visual scales Fake / Prank Scales with predefined weight values Weight conversion screen.