What is NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool?

What is NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool?

Description. The Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) is the NetApp utility used to determine the officially supported configurations of NetApp and non-NetApp products across key components in the customer’s environment.

What is Interoperability Matrix?

The NetApp® Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) defines the qualified components and versions you can use to build FC/FCoE, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS configurations.

What is NetApp tool?

NetApp is a popular storage hardware and software solution provided by a company called NetApp Inc. This app is popular because it drives efficiency and reduces cost in all tiers of storage equipment and this improves the overall storage efficiency for organizations.

How do I use NetApp Upgrade Advisor?

Click the Upgrade Advisor tab. Select the Data ONTAP release to which you want to upgrade from the Target Versions menu. Select the upgrade method and the level of detail you want included in your upgrade plan. Click Continue to generate your upgrade plan.

What is NetApp Fusion?

What Is It? NetApp’s Fusion tool is a culmination of years of separate sizing tools all “fused” together for an all-in-one platform that focuses on simplicity and ease of use for solutions engineers and sales teams alike.

What is the difference between interoperability and compatibility?

Interoperability is an ability of one system to interact with another system. This interaction is between 2 different systems or 2 different applications all together. Compatibility – Is a technique by which 2 or more application interact in the same environment.

How do I use product interoperability matrix in VMware?

Go to the Host OS section of the VMware Compatibility Guide….To obtain information on interoperability between VMware products with each other:

  1. Go to the Product Interoperability Matrix.
  2. Select Solution Interoperability.
  3. Select the product you wish to start with, such as VMware vCenter Server.

What is NetApp used for?

NetApp storage equipment is used by enterprises and service providers to store and to share large amounts of digital data across physical and hybrid cloud environments. The NetApp storage hardware includes all-flash and hybrid storage systems for block, file and object storage.

What is NetApp upgrade Advisor?

Upgrade Advisor is an online tool, available on the NetApp Support Site, that simplifies the process of planning Data ONTAP upgrades. Upgrade Advisor then generates an upgrade plan (and optionally a back-out plan) with recommended preparation and execution procedures.

What is upgrade Advisor?

Upgrade Advisor analyzes installed components from earlier versions of SQL Server, and then generates a report that identifies issues to fix either before or after you upgrade.

What is NetApp hardware universe?

Hardware Universe (HWU) is a web-based tool that replaced the NetApp System Configuration Guide, providing you with a visual presentation of the complete NetApp line of hardware products.