What is mini-SAS connector?

What is mini-SAS connector?

The TE Mini-SAS product family is a high speed, multi-lane interconnect for both internal and external solutions, including both receptales and cable assemblies. The system is designed to be compliant to SFF-8086, 8087, and 8088 standards, and supports SAS 2.0 applications.

Which connector type does mini-SAS use?

Serial Attached SCSI
SAS connector
No. of devices 65,535
Speed SAS-1: Full-duplex 3 Gbit/s (2004) SAS-2: Full-duplex 6 Gbit/s (2009) SAS-3: Full-duplex 12 Gbit/s (2013) SAS-4: Full-duplex 22.5 Gbit/s (2017)
Style Serial

What’s the data rate of a Mini SAS connector?

The assembly is offered in 4x, 8x, and 16x versions. Our internal Mini-SAS high-density (HD) connectors feature a 12 Gbps high-density, high-speed interface capable of supporting an aggregate data rate of 48 Gbps per connector (12G x 4 lanes) with a version capable of transferring an aggregate data rate of 192 Gbps.

How many sideband signals does Mini SAS have?

The low-profile system provides 4X and 8X cable-plug options, and the external I/O connectors include eight sideband signals per 4X port, 1×4 configuration for up to 192Gb/s of total bandwidth.

What are the benefits of Mini SAS HD?

Each mini SAS HD connector (port) handles 4 lanes of data rate for up to 48Gbps of total bandwidth. Features & Benefits. Mini-SAS is designed to satisfy the needs of gigabit serial data transmission applications with signal speeds across the connector interface of 6 Gbps per channel.

Are there any external Mini SAS HD connectors?

External Mini-SAS HD Connectors Our Mini-SAS HD external receptacle connector is a highdensity, high-speed IO interface adopted for the SAS 2.1, SAS 3 and PCIe standards. The product is designed to support 6 Gb/s and 12 Gb/s SAS applications. The assembly is offered in 4x, 8x, and 16x versions.