What is hazardous location lighting?

What is hazardous location lighting?

Hazardous location lighting is used specifically for areas that are hazardous locations. These light fixtures are designed so that there is less of a risk of the flammable vapors or gases present in the area causing a fire ignition.

Is LED lighting explosion proof?

Yes, some LED light fixtures are explosion proof. If you choose the correct LED light fixture for your location, with the help of an LED lighting partner to ensure it is the appropriate luminaire, then LED lighting is the perfect choice for your hazardous location.

Where should light fixtures be placed?

The light fixture should be hung 30-34 inches above the dining table. This same rule holds true for lighting over kitchen tables. For ceilings higher than 8 feet, add about three inches to the hanging height per foot. So if your ceiling is 10 feet tall, your lighting fixture should be hung 36-40 inches over the table.

Where are the best places to put hazardous lighting?

These fixtures can be found in locations where regular light fixtures will not hold up, such as oil rigs, loading docks, factories, mines, energy plants and more. These lights can withstand fires, exposure to chemicals, water, dust and explosions.

Why are LED lights rated as hazardous location?

These LED lights are rated for environments where hazardous material is present. They have a tempered glass lens to protect the bulb. Hazardous location environmental ratings indicate where manufacturers have included safety features in products to facilitate their safe use in hazardous environments.

When to use style 1 hazardous location lights?

Lights have a sealed lens and corrosion resistant housing. They can be hardwired to operate on any of the voltages listed. Style 1 can be used where ignitable concentrations of hazardous material occur infrequently, such as in the case of an accidental spill or failure of a ventilation system.

Are there hazardous location lights that are explosion proof?

Most hazardous location lights are explosion proof and Coast Guard approved. They are also Class i div ii or class 1 div 1 rated to meet local and federal building codes Ships in 1-2 weeks Free Shipping. Ships in 1-2 weeks Free Shipping. Ships in 1-2 weeks Free Shipping. In Stock Free Shipping. Ships in 1-2 weeks Free Shipping. In Stock.