What is a traditional Christmas dinner in France?

What is a traditional Christmas dinner in France?

Huîtres, or oysters, are a classic French Christmas tradition (if you have the money to afford them), served with lemon and a red wine vinaigrette. In fact, seafood in general is pretty popular for the Christmas meal. One common snack is toasts au saumon, smoked salmon and crème fraîche on crostinis.

What do they eat in French for Christmas?

Foie Gras For Christmas in France Is A Given The dish you can certainly expect around Christmas in France is foie-gras. Just visit a French supermarket during the holiday season and you’ll see how overflowing with foie-gras the central food aisle gets!

What are 3 traditional French Christmas foods?

Celebrate the Holidays with a Traditional French Christmas Menu

  • Smoked Salmon Tartare. Smoked Salmon Tartare. | Credit: France C.
  • Awesome Baked Sea Scallops. Awesome Baked Sea Scallops. | Credit: Allrecipes.
  • Carving a roast turkey. Juicy Roast Turkey. | Credit: Allrecipes.
  • Chocolate Yule Log. Chocolate Yule Log.

How long does Christmas dinner last in France?

Christmas Eve The evening of December 24th is when French families sit down together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy festive French foods and wines. If you’ve heard about French people eating long and slowly, this dinner is the greatest example of this French custom. The meal can go for up to six hours.

What is traditional French Christmas dinner?

A French Christmas dinner is usually a traditional affair, the highlights of which are a starter of oysters, a delicious stuffed roast goose or turkey, and a yummy Bûche de Noël (Christmas Yule Log) for desert. Have yourself a sumptuous festive feast, enjoying some favourite recipes which we have recreated here for you.

What foods are eaten at Christmas in France?

Lobster, crab and game meats are also a popular choice, including pheasant, venison and wild boar. Cranberry sauce for most meats is reserved for Christmas meals in France. Serve any of these usually with roast chestnuts or rice and wild mushrooms.

What are some French foods for Christmas?

Traditional French Christmas food. Food is a big part of French Christmas traditions . It depends on the region but some common French Christmas foods include: smoked salmon and oysters with bran bread and (real) butter. foiegras (goose or duck liverpate) goose.

What is traditional French Christmas?

A traditional French Christmas will usually include: smoked salmon and oysters with bran bread and (real) butter, foie gras (goose or duck liver pate), goose, capon or turkey stuffed with chestnuts and served with vegetables like green beans cooked with garlic and butter and provincial herbs sautéed potatoes.