What is a conditional use approval?

What is a conditional use approval?

Conditional Use Permits, or CUPs for short, are permits that require discretionary approval from the city. These types of permits consent to a use not allowed by-right in a particular zone. Just like the name implies, the permit application is approved under a set of conditions.

What is a conditional use permit in NC?

Conditional Uses add flexibility to the zoning ordinance by permitting potential undesirable uses of property in specified districts when certain conditions are met. The Board of Adjustment may choose to place additional conditions on the permit to minimize any adverse effects it might have on surrounding properties.

What is conditional use?

A conditional use is a use that is permitted subject to compliance with a set of conditions or requirements set forth in the zoning ordinance.

Does a conditional use permit run with the land California?

Generally, once a conditional use permit is granted, the conditions of the permit run with the land and can be enjoyed by assignees and subsequent owners.

What is a conditional use permit in Wisconsin?

Conditional use permits (CUPs) allow a zoning board to approve a land use that may be compatible in the zoning district in which it is proposed, but that should not be permitted as a matter of right because of the range of potential conflicts that such a use may create.

Why do I need a conditional use permit?

Why does my project require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP)? What are CUPs? A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required for certain land uses which may need special conditions to ensure compatibility with surrounding land uses. These uses are specified under “Uses Subject to Permits” in the zones or specified in a Community Standards District (CSD).

Can a Conditional Use Permit ( CUP ) be revoked?

If the property owner does not meet the conditions agreed upon, the CUP can be revoked. As mentioned, city planners must make sure that a project is compatible with its surrounding areas prior to granting a Change of Use permit.

Can a property owner appeal a conditional use permit?

As the property owner, you may be able to appeal the decision. You’ll likely want to work with a property attorney if you haven’t been so far. They can help you review the decision and find the best way to respond. A local attorney who is familiar with conditional use permits can make a big difference.

How to apply for a zoning permit Cup?

To apply for a CUP, please follow the instructions on the Zoning Permit application ( PDF or Word) for submittal. Along with the items listed on that application checklist, you will have to submit a CUP Findings.