What happens when a main water line breaks?

What happens when a main water line breaks?

A water main break occurs when a hole or crack in the pipe causes water to move to the surface. Pressure in the water main causes water to continuously flow, so when a leak occurs, water will continuously run until the issue is fixed.

What causes water mains to break?

Causes of Water Main Breaks Temperature changes or overly dry or wet weather can cause the ground to shift. This results in breaks to the water main pipes. The age of the main or sudden fluctuations in the pressure may also cause a break. Older pipes may break due to corrosion.

What are the signs of a water main break?


  • Dirty, Rusty, or Bad-Smelling Water.
  • Unusually High Water Bill.
  • Puddles in the Front Yard.
  • Wet Spots on Floors, Walls or Ceilings.
  • Low Water Pressure.
  • Potholes or Sinkholes.
  • Sounds of water running.

Who is responsible for burst water main?

Water companies are responsible for the maintenance of communication pipes and mains which includes leak detection, repairs and replacement where necessary.

Can a broken water main cause damage to your home?

This meter is typically the termination point between your home’s water line and the water main. There are events, however, that breaks in the water main can also cause damage to your home. For example, a break in the main line that caused flooding into your property.

How often does a water main break in a house?

Dealing with a broken water main is not an everyday occurrence. At most, a homeowner will deal with a water line break once in a lifetime. Most homeowners enter a state of stress, confusion and tend to panic as soon as they become aware of a broken pipe.

Who is responsible for a water main break?

The city or town where you live is in charge of fixing breaks in the public mains. However, generally you, the homeowner, will be responsible for repair or replacement of the water main supply line directly connected to your house, up until the faucet. What is the Number One Reason for a Water Main Break?

Where is the water main in Your House?

What is the Water Main? Your water main is the line that links the plumbing system in your home to the public water supply. This pipe channels water from the public supply to the pipes in your home, ensuring that you have an adequate supply of water. Since this main water line is usually located underground, it cannot be accessed without digging.