What happens if I use the same Apple ID on two iPads?

What happens if I use the same Apple ID on two iPads?

If you use your Apple ID on multiple devices, your iCloud storage space of 5GB will be used for all devices. Using one Apple ID can be used to sync data between the devices, using iCloud and the various options like calendars, photos, contacts etc. Each device will have it’s own backup in iCloud.

How do I separate two devices with the same Apple ID?

Short answer is you can’t have both. By sharing an Apple ID, you are the same person using 2 different devices. Your phones are behaving as designed.

Can 2 iPads have the same email address?

Create an Apple ID Tap Settings on your iPad. Tap iTunes & App Store or iCloud depending, on which service you want to create an Apple ID for. You can change this address later, but you can’t use the same email address for two Apple IDs.

How many iPads can use the same Apple ID?

10 iPads
You can use one Apple ID with as many iPads as you like, simply by connecting them all to a Mac or PC using iTunes. Up to 10 iPads can also be managed using the automatic download (Settings App then App Store).

Can two devices be logged into Apple ID?

You can use a single AppleID on many devices, including 2 iphones. Note though that if you use the same AppleID for iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime then you are using a single account for those services. All devices using that AppleID share all messages, conversations, iCloud emails, contacts, calendars, phone logs etc.

Can you have two iPads with the same email address?

No, your Apple ID email/password combination will be the same everywhere – on your iOS devices, computers, and online. You can use it on as many devices as you would like and it will always work just fine – regardless of the device.

Can multiple iPads share Apple ID?

You can be signed into 10 devices/computers at the same time. Only 5 can be computers. Devices are meant to be used with a single Apple ID. You can sign into iCloud with one ID, the App Store/iTunes with another ID, and Messages/FaceTime with a 3rd ID.

How can I use the same Apple ID on two devices without sharing?

Answer: A: Answer: A: If you don’t want to share Contacts go to Settings > iCloud and turn OFF Contacts. If you don’t want Apps loaded on one device to appear on the other go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and turn OFF sutomatic downloads for Apps.

Is it OK to have 2 iPads?

Two iPads, or an iPhone and iPad, could connect together using the accessory. The connector would facilitate data transfers between the two devices, enabling a range of functions to occur. At its simplest, this could allow for work to be carried out across multiple displays as if it is one system, in a variety of ways.

How many devices can use the same Apple ID?

ten devices
More about associated devices You can have ten devices (no more than five computers) associated with your Apple ID for purchases at one time.

Can you use the same Apple ID on two different iPads?

Yes you can definitely use the same Apple ID regardless of how many apple devices you have. This way you can install the apps that you have already purchased. It really does not matter what name your iPad is. Just a note if you use the same icloud apple id as well, both devices will recieve the imessages and facetime calls. Hope that helps!

Is it possible to have two iPads on one computer?

Other people here have two iPad on one computer with one iTunes account. What you need to do is to turn off automatic syncing in iTunes and do it manually via check marking what you want to sync to what iPad. You are right that the two iPads have to have different names.

Is the Apple ID password the same on all devices?

She is unable to get on it using the password and ID I gave her. So I changed the password on mine -she still can’t use that password- is it different on all devices and I forgot it? No, your Apple ID email/password combination will be the same everywhere – on your iOS devices, computers, and online.

Can you delete apps from the same iPad?

You should be able to delete apps without effecting the other device. If you are certain you want some separation you could create a new Apple ID for the kids iPad, however that can cause them to lose game progress & probably require you to purchase apps again, otherwise you risk merging the data again if you use the same ID.