What happened when Teiresias tried to burn an offering to the gods?

What happened when Teiresias tried to burn an offering to the gods?

What happened when the prophet began “the rites of burnt-offering at the altar”? Although Teiresias claimed that Hephaistos failed him because he could not start a fire on the altar, the fat from the animal’s thigh melted, the entrails dissolved, and bare bones burst forth from the body.

What does Teiresias claim to be the cause of the God’s reaction to their offerings?

4. What does the prophet claim to be the cause of the gods’ reaction to their offerings? Creon has brought about the anger of the gods with his decree about Polynices and now the animals offered for sacrifice are the same animals that have been eating of Polynices’ body in the field.

What does Tiresias tell Creon about the sacrifice offered to the gods?

Teiresias tells Creon, “You stand once more on the edge of fate.” Teiresias tells Creon that he has made a mistake in not allowing the body of Polyneices to be buried, that this act has separated them from the gods: “The gods are deaf when we pray to them, their fire / Recoils from our offering, their birds of omen / …

What did Tiresias do in Antigone?

Tiresias tells him that his refusal to bury Polynices and his punishment of Antigone for the burial will bring the curses of the gods down on Thebes. Hearing this, Creon curses Tiresias, calling him a false prophet who traffics in poor advice and rhetoric.

Why did Tiresias tell Creon to free Antigone?

Upset, Tiresias tells Creon that as punishment for killing Antigone, the gods will soon take the life of Creon’s child. Creon is shaken by this, and eventually decides to relent. He rushes off to free Antigone from the tomb. After Creon has left, a messenger arrives at the palace with the news that Haemon has killed himself.

Why was Teiresias struck blind by Athena in Antigone?

Teiresias in female form. The set of incidents most relevant to Antigone include Teiresias being struck blind by Athena for seeing too much in an earthly way (her bathing), but later being compensated by being granted the ability to interpret fate through the songs of birds and other natural signs.

What did Tiresias do to the gods in Inferno?

Tiresias immediately went to Kreon and informed him that the gods were furious with his decrees, as the dead must be given proper funeral rites. He instructed Kreon to bury Polynices and release Antigone, or the gods would take away those that he loved the most and curse him for the rest of his life.

How did Antigone break the laws of the gods?

Antigone is caught in the act of performing funereal rites for her brother. Creon is furious, and has Antigone brought before him. She remains defiant, and says that she will not break the laws of the gods just to follow Creon’s unjust law. Creon responds that she will die for her disobedience to the laws of the city.