What happened to Michael Gudinski?

What happened to Michael Gudinski?

Death. On 2 March 2021, Gudinski died in his sleep while at home in Melbourne at the age of 68. A private funeral held in Melbourne was attended by numerous celebrity performers including Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly and Archie Roach.

Why did gudinski died?

Heart attack
Michael Gudinski/Cause of death

What bands did Michael Gudinski manage?

For over 40 years Gudinski’s Frontier Touring has delivered the world’s biggest acts down under: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Guns N’ Roses, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Leonard Cohen, Kylie Minogue, Justin Beiber, The Killers, Billy Joel …

What illness did Michael Gudinski have?

Melbourne music entrepreneur and Mushroom Records founder Michael Gudinski has died of a heart attack at the age of 68. The label went on to sign acts like Skyhooks, Split Enz, Kylie Minogue and Eskimo Joe.

Who is Michael Gudinski and what did he do?

Michael Gudinski Few figures loom as large in the history of the Australian music industry as Michael Gudinski. More than 40 years after co-founding Mushroom Records and Mushroom Music Publishing, Michael is still passionately taking Australian music to the world.

Who was Michael Gudinski managing at Mushroom Records?

Michael was also managing a number of up-and-coming bands at this time, including Chain and Skyhooks. Both acts were to produce number one hits, but it was Skyhooks which went on to cement the future success of Mushroom Records. Their debut album, Living In The 70’s, spent 16 weeks at number one in Australia, selling 240,000 copies.

What did Kylie Minogue say about Michael Gudinski?

In a tribute, Minogue called Gudinski a “titan of the music industry” and said her “heart is broken”. “One of a kind and forever family to me”, she wrote on Twitter.