What does the name Nana mean for a girl?

What does the name Nana mean for a girl?

Meaning:spring month or the name of a star. Nana as a girl’s name is of Hawaiian origin referring to a spring month and the name of a star. The Spanish Nana is a pet form of Ana. Nana and Nanny have come to mean “grandmother” or “person who looks after children”.

What does the name Nana mean in the Bible?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Nana is: Grace.

What is the origin of the name Nana?

The word nan for grandma is a shortening of the word nana. Both of these words probably are child pronunciations of the word nanny. Etymonline describes this word as originating as a child’s word for “female adult other than mother”.

What is the meaning of the Ghanaian name Nana?

Nana is a Ghanaian name for girls meaning Mother of the earth.

What does the name Nana come from?

According to a user from Ghana, the name Nana is of Akan origin and means “Royal, King, First, Reverence to Grandmother or Grandfather, Honorary Title for many Akan names during childhood in Ghana which is the Source. Above all these it’s a name for Royals”.

What does the name Naneena mean?

The name Naveena is of English origin. The meaning of Naveena is “new”. Naveena is generally used as a girl’s name. It consists of 7 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced Na-vee-na.

What does the name nanyana mean?

Nayana is used predominantly in Indian and it is derived from Sanskrit origins. The name Nayana means one with charming eyes . See also the related form, Sunayana (Indian).

What does the name Nannaya mean?

Nanaya (Sumerian ????, D NA.NA.A; also transcribed as “Nanâ”, “Nanãy”, “Nanaja”, “Nanãja”, or ‘”Nanãya”; in Greek: Ναναια or Νανα; Aramaic: ננױננאױ) is the canonical name for a goddess worshipped by the Sumerians and Akkadians, a deity who personified voluptuousness and sexuality, and warfare.