What does Javac do in Ant?

What does Javac do in Ant?

Ant Javac task is used to compile Java source file. It scans source and destination directory to compile the source file.

Is Javac part of JDK?

Javac is the primary Java compiler included in the JDK(Java Development Key) . The compiler accepts source code conforming to the Java language specification JLS) and generates byte code conforming to the Java Virtual Machine Specification (JVMS). Javac is itself written in Java.

How does Ant build a project in Java?

Then we execute the javac command (specifying jdk1.5 as our target compilation). We supply the source folder and the classpath to the javac task and ask it to drop the class files in the build folder. Executing Ant on this file compiles the java source files and places the classes in the build folder.

Where are the Java classes stored in ant?

The aim of this chapter is to build an Ant file that compiles the java classes and places them in the WEB-INF\\classes folder. The database scripts are stored in the db folder. The java source code is stored in the src folder. The images, js, META-INF, styles (css) are stored in the war folder.

Which is the default javac compiler for ant?

extJavac(run either modern or classic in a JVM of its own). The default is javac1.xwith xdepending on the JDK version you use while you are running Ant. If you wish to use a different compiler interface than those supplied, you can write a class that implements the CompilerAdapter interface (package org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.compilers).

How to run Ant build from comamnd prompt?

Run from comamnd prompt. The comamnd to run is : Run from eclipse. Choose thsi menu option. Using any or above method will run the build script and you will see this build process output in console/ command promt. You can verify the generated jar file in dist/lib folder (or if you changed the path then check that location).