What does a 30 day consultation mean?

What does a 30 day consultation mean?

30 days before first dismissal. 100+ employees. Your employer must carry out collective consultation. This means consulting with your union rep if there is one or, if no union rep, with your elected employee representative(s). It’s good practice for them to consult with you all individually too.

What is a collective consultation period?

Collective Consultation is a process under which employers have to consult staff representatives as opposed to consulting with them individually. However, staff may need to be consulted individually as well, depending on the circumstances. Consultation is important in a wide variety of employment situations.

What does collective consultation mean?

Collective consultation is consultation of an employer with employee representatives or union representatives about proposed dismissals. In particular, the consultation must cover ways of: Avoiding the dismissals. Reducing the numbers of employees to be dismissed and. Mitigating the consequences of the dismissals.

What constitutes a collective redundancy?

What constitutes a Collective redundancy? ‘Collective redundancy’ is the making redundant within a period of 30 consecutive days, of a minimum number of employees, that minimum varying with the normal size of the establishment’s workforce.

How long does collective consultation have to last?

How long must collective consultation last? The minimum period, from the date consultation starts to the date the first dismissal takes effect, depends on the number of employees the employer is proposing to make redundant. For 100 or more employees to be made redundant, this period is 45 days and, for 20-99 employees to be made redundant, 30 days.

When do collective consultations for redundancy take place?

Start of the consultation. At the very least collective consultation must begin: 30 days before the first dismissal takes effect if 20 to 99 employees are to be made redundant at one establishment over a period of 45 days or less.

What should be included in a collective consultation?

The consultation process begins, and employers should provide the employee representatives with certain information about the proposed redundancies and allow them time to consider it. The employee representatives may ask for additional information or clarification of certain areas and this should be provided where possible.

Can a collective consultation take place during a furlough?

Nothing specifically stops employers from collectively consulting during furlough, and employee representatives can take on duties for collective redundancies during the furlough period.