What did Chelsea become the only team to do after winning the Europa League in 2013?

What did Chelsea become the only team to do after winning the Europa League in 2013?

In 2012, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League, becoming the fifth English team, the first and only team from London to date, to win the competition. In 2013, Chelsea won the UEFA Europa League and became the fourth club to win all three main UEFA club competitions….Chelsea F.C. in international football.

Super Cup 2 (1998, 2021)

Who won the Europa League 2013 14?

Sevilla FC
2013–14 UEFA Europa League/Champion

How many times did Chelsea reach the Champions League final?

Chelsea: how many UCL finals? The London Premier League club have played in two Champions League finals to date, with a 50% record. In 2007/08 they lost to fellow English side Manchester United on penalties and then in 2011/12 beat Bayern Munich with the game also going to spot kicks to decide the winner.

Which Chelsea manager won the Europa League?

Di Matteo won the first UEFA Champions League for Chelsea in 2012. A year after, Benítez led the club to win the UEFA Europa League, becoming the first club to hold two major European titles simultaneously and one of five clubs, and the first British club, to have won all three of UEFA’s major club competitions.

When was the last time Chelsea won the Europa League?

Before this season, Chelsea had never reached a final of the UEFA Cup or UEFA Europa League.

How many trophies have Chelsea won in Europe?

Chelsea have won five major European trophies – a Champions League, two Europa Leagues and two Cup Winners’ Cups Eden Hazard scored two goals and made another to help Chelsea thump London rivals Arsenal in Baku and win the Europa League.

Where is the final of the Europa League?

The Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw hosted the final. The 2014–15 UEFA Europa League was the 44th season of Europe ‘s secondary club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the sixth season since it was renamed from the UEFA Cup to the UEFA Europa League .

Who is the winner of the Europa League?

Chelsea won 2–1 to secure their first title in this competition. Chelsea were the first UEFA Champions League title holders to play in the following season’s Europa League, after becoming the first Champions League holders to be eliminated in the group stage.