What countries were in the British Empire list?

What countries were in the British Empire list?

The British Empire

  • India. India. For many British Victorians, India symbolized the Empire.
  • Australia. Australia.
  • Egypt. Egypt.
  • Canada. Canada.
  • Trading Empire. The British Empire controlled territories, shown in red, on every continent in the world.
  • Africa. Africa.

How many countries did the British Empire cover?

Today, the United Kingdom consists of four constituent countries, and it is responsible for three crown dependencies and fourteen overseas territories, although the legacy of the British Empire can still be seen, and it’s impact will be felt for centuries to come.

Does England own Canada?

Now England controlled all of Canada. For those reasons, England united three of its colonies, Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, into the Dominion of Canada in 1867. (Indigenous Canadians were not consulted or invited to participate in the confederation.)

Is America still a British colony?

Adrian Wooldridge, an editor and columnist at The Economist, says that America has defined itself by accepting or rejecting elements of British culture.

How many countries were part of the British Empire?

The British Empire stretched into each part of the world. Territories were held across the continents. There remain 14 British Territories Overseas. Former colonies of the British Empire. The year of Independence is shown. Canada-1867–1982- (From 1949 this included Newfoundland and Labrador). United States-1776.

Which is the most valuable possession of the British Empire?

India, Britain’s most valuable and populous possession, achieved independence as part of a larger decolonisation movement, in which Britain granted independence to most territories of the empire.

How many British Overseas Territories are there in the world?

Britain retains sovereignty over 14 territories outside the British Isles. In 1983, the British Nationality Act 1981 renamed the existing Crown Colonies as “British Dependent Territories”, and in 2002 they were renamed the British Overseas Territories.

Are there any countries that are not part of the UK?

8 Countries or province forming part of the United Kingdom that have voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. 9 Countries forming part of the United Kingdom that have voted not to be an independent country. 10 Countries or region which did not vote to terminate British rule yet were relinquished.