What Colours are Kawasaki?

What Colours are Kawasaki?

Our Most Popular Kawasaki Touch Up Paint Colors

  • Kawasaki Metallic Spark Black KAW008 Touch Up Paint.
  • Kawasaki Candy Lime Green KAW006 Touch Up Paint.
  • Kawasaki Lime Green KAW002 Touch Up Paint.
  • Kawasaki Ebony KAW003 Touch Up Paint.
  • Kawasaki Candy Plasma Blue Tricoat KAW030 Touch Up Paint.

What color is paint code 212?

Obsidian Black
Lexus Is250 Is350 Touch up Paint Tube Color Code 212 Obsidian Black for sale online | eBay.

What paint code is Kawasaki Green?


How do I find my motorcycle paint code?

To get the paint code you need to know the correct name of the paint given by the manufacturer. Then using that name you can search for the paint code by using online VIN decoders, contacting your local automotive paint supply store, searching online forums, and as a last resort you can try to contact the manufacturer.

What’s the best paint color for a Kawasaki?

This bike will hold the record for a period of five years. Kawasaki’s traditional racing color is green, awarding the brand with the nickname “Team Green”. If you’re part of the team, take a look at TouchUpDirect’s perfect match Kawasaki touch up paint. All of our colors come right out of the manufacturer’s books.

What is the color code of a Kawasaki?

Kawasaki. 777. Lime Green. 60R. Emeral Blaze Green. A5. Candy Persimmon Red. 816. Candy Fire Red.

How long does it take to paint a Kawasaki bike?

Some Kawasaki paints are three-layer paints: if your colour code requires this additional undercoat, our technician will contact you to propose you the first layer shade. – Topcoat within 30 minutes maximum!

What is the warranty for touch up paint?

TUDCare is TouchUpDirect’s 12 month, one-time, same color replacement warranty. TUDCare comes free with the purchase of any of our Platinum Kits. If you lose your applicator for any reason, we will send you an entire replacement kit for free.