What are the hunting rules in Alaska?

What are the hunting rules in Alaska?

If you hunt in a general season hunt, i.e., a hunt that is open to an unlimited number of hunters, you will need a harvest ticket. Harvest tickets are available at no cost where hunting licenses are sold. Non-residents are required to possess a big game tag for the species they are hunting.

What is the deer limit in Alaska?

Alaska Hunting Season Dates 2021

Season Dates Bag Limit
Brown Bear Sept 15- June 30 2 bears every year
Caribou Aug 10- Dec 31 No more than 2 per year
Mule Deer Aug 1- Dec 31
Elk Aug 1- Dec 31

Where is the best hunting in Alaska?

  • The Outdoors Alaska Store.
  • Sitka area: Best known for brown bear and deer hunting.
  • Petersburg area: Black bear numbers are good here; also deer.
  • Ketchikan area: Also good for black bear and deer hunting as well as mountain goat.
  • Juneau area: The region’s best moose hunting is found in this area; also some deer and goats.

Can you hunt on Marine Corps Base Quantico?

Disclosure is voluntary. However, if you do not provide the requested information, you may be denied authority to fish, hunt, trap, bike/hike, or use the archery site aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. Authority: 5 U.S. Code §301, 44 U.S. Code §3101

What kind of deer are there at Quantico?

Hunting on Marine Corps Base Quantico Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) offers a variety of hunting opportunities on the installation. Although white-tailed deer and wild turkey are the most popular game species, Quantico hunters also enjoy pursuing waterfowl, rabbit, mourning dove, and grey squirrel.

Where can I get a copy of the Alaska hunting regulations?

You may request a hard copy of the Alaska Hunting Regulations by emailing [email protected], by calling (907) 465-4190, or pick up a copy of the regulations at your nearest Fish and Game Office . Interested in submitting a hunting photo for possible use in future regulations or on our website?

How to buy a fishing license in Quantico?

For fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses purchase information, go to our Log-in page and log-in (for those who already have an iSportsman account) or register for a new iSportsman account. For detailed instructions on how to set-up your account, view the Registration tab and follow the provided instructions.