What are some fun facts about Philippines?

What are some fun facts about Philippines?

Interesting, Unusual and Fun Facts About The Philippines

  • Filipinos love basketball.
  • The Philippines is the world’s number 2 producer and exporter of coconuts.
  • Filipinos are extremely sociable people.
  • Filipinos love to eat.
  • Guess the bird!
  • Let’s sing!
  • Filipinos love their shopping malls.

Why Philippines is texting capital of the world?

The Philippines has been called the “TEXT” capital of the world due to the large volume of Short Messaging System (SMS) traffic exchange in the country. It has been estimated that the number of cellular phone subscribers in the Philippines reached over 23 million and is still growing at a rapid rate.

What are some interesting facts about the Philippines?

The Philippines has the highest rate of discovery of new animal species with 16 new species of mammals discovered just in the last 10 years. [18] Human trafficking is a problem in the Philippines. The country has the fourth largest number of prostituted children in the world.

How many text messages does the Philippines send per year?

In fact, it’s estimated that Filipinos send about 400 million text messages every day, adding up to about 142 billion texts per year, earning them the designation “the texting capital of the world.” ( Source) That’s more than the total number of daily text messages sent in the U.S. and Europe combined.

Why is the Philippines known as the texting capital of the world?

Filipinos are extremely sociable people We mean – really sociably to the extend that their use of mobile phones for staying in touch with family and friends has earned the country the nickname of being the “texting capital of the world”.

How many Filipinos work in the United States?

About 11% of the population of the Philippines – more than 11 million people – work overseas. In fact, the Philippines is the top supplier of nurses in the world, with about 25% of all overseas nurses coming from the country. In the United States, Filipinos are the second-largest Asian-American group behind only Chinese.