What are misleading statistics?

What are misleading statistics?

Misleading statistics are simply the misusage – purposeful or not – of a numerical data. The results provide a misleading information to the receiver, who then believes something wrong if he or she does not notice the error or the does not have the full data picture.

When statistics are used in a misleading way?

Misleading statistics are created when a fault – deliberate or not – is present in one of the 3 key aspects of research: Collecting: Using small sample sizes that project big numbers but have little statistical significance. Organizing: Omitting findings that contradict the point the researcher is trying to prove.

How does statistics affect healthcare?

By identifying statistical trends and trails, health care providers can monitor local conditions and compare them to state, national, and international trends. Health statistics provide empirical data to assist in the allocation of public and private funds and help to determine how research efforts should be focused.

How can you protect yourself from misleading statistics?

  1. 5 Ways to Avoid Being Fooled By Statistics.
  2. Do A Little Bit of Math and apply Common Sense.
  3. Always Look for the Source and check the authority of the source.
  4. Question if the statistics are biased or statistically insignificant.
  5. Question if the statistics are skewed purposely or Misinterpreted.

Is it true that statistics can be misleading?

It is a well known fact that statistics can be misleading. They are often used to prove a point, and can easily be twisted in favour of that point! The pur- pose of this section is to learn how to recognize common statisitcal deception so that to avoid being mislead.

Are there any graphs that are misleading about hospitals?

Misleading Group of Graphs. Click to enlarge Each panel presents the percentage of patients at the Hospital for Special Surgery that gave the hospital a rating of 9 or 10 and compares that value to that of the national average of hospitals. Note that both bars in each panel have the same scale so that the comparison within panels is valid.

What are some of the most misleading health websites?

But also high up in search results and social shares are sites with names such as GreenMedInfo and Healthy Holistic Living, which present themselves as authoritative reference guides on health topics while relying on false claims and misrepresented sources to promote alternative medical treatments.

Who are the people who misuse statistics?

It is often assumed that the misuse of statistics is limited to those individuals or companies seeking to gain profit from distorting the truth, be it economics, education or mass media. However, the telling of half-truths through study is not only limited to mathematical amateurs.