What are 6 pieces of evidence that support continental drift?

What are 6 pieces of evidence that support continental drift?

What are six pieces of evidence for the continental drift theory? Reptile Fossils- dinosaurs couldn’t have swam across a vast ocean. Plant Fossils- all these regions were once connected and had similar climates. Tropical plants found in Arctic- tropical plants can’t grow in cold climates.

What evidence supported the idea of continental drift first?

The first truly detailed and comprehensive theory of continental drift was proposed in 1912 by Alfred Wegener, a German meteorologist. Bringing together a large mass of geologic and paleontological data, Wegener postulated that throughout most of geologic time there was only one continent, which he called Pangea.

What provides support for continental drift theory?

Alfred Wegener collected diverse pieces of evidence to support his theory, including geological “fit” and fossil evidence. Another important piece of evidence in the Continental Drift theory is the fossil relevance. There are various examples of fossils found on separate continents and in no other regions.

What evidence supports the theory of continental drift quizlet?

Fossils of same creature have been found on different continents that are separated today but were once joined. For example. a 20 cm Mesosaurus reptile could not have swam 3000 miles across and ocean. It’s more likely the continents were together and over 40 million years it walked.

What key evidence supports the hypothesis of continental drift?

Wegener used fossil evidence to support his continental drift hypothesis. The fossils of these organisms are found on lands that are now far apart. Grooves and rock deposits left by ancient glaciers are found today on different continents very close to the equator.

What is the hypothesis of continental drift?

Continental drift. The continental drift hypothesis was developed in the early 20th century, by Alfred Wegener , who said that continents moved on the Earth’s surface until they came together as a single super continent. Continental drift is a theory that explains how continents manage to change position on the Earth’s surface.

What is the Geological evidence for continental drift?

Evidence in Support of the Continental Drift

  • The Matching of Continents (Jig-Saw-Flt) The shorelines of Africa and South America facing each other have an extraordinary and unmistakable match.
  • Rocks of Same Age Across the Oceans.
  • Placer Deposits.
  • What causes continental drift?

    Causes of Continental Drift. The causes of continental drift are perfectly explained by the plate tectonic theory. The earth’s outer shell is composed of plates that move a little bit every year. Heat coming from the interior of the earth triggers this movement to occur through convection currents inside the mantle.