What age is Tsurugi Kyousuke?

What age is Tsurugi Kyousuke?

His birthday is never mentioned at all except that he is 5 years younger than his older brother. During his early childhood when Tsurugi Kyousuke was about 7 years old while Yuuichi was 12 years old.

Who is Tsurugi Kyousuke?

Tsurugi Kyousuke (剣城京介) is one of the main protagonists in the Inazuma Eleven GO universe. He was formerly the captain and forward for Kuro no Kishidan, and is a forward for Raimon. In Chrono Stone, he is a forward for Raimon (Chrono Stone).

What episode does tsurugi become good?

In episode 10, Tsurugi trained with the rest of the members on the football field, and scored a goal against Ibuki. He was shown to be happy after Shindou gave some advice to Tetsukado.

What does the name tsurugi mean?

Means “sword” in Japanese.

Who is the voice actor of tsurugi kyousuke?

Takashi ŌharaInazuma Eleven Go
Kyousuke Tsurugi/Voiced by

Is tsurugi a girl name?

Although originally introduced as the daughter of Jobin and Mitsuba, it is revealed that Tsurugi is actually a boy, and has been raised as a girl his whole life in order to ward off a “curse” that affects the first born child of each generation of the Higashikata family.

Who is Tsurugi Yuuichi in Inazuma Eleven GO?

The following part refers to an alternate universe version of Yuuichi whose history is different than the character in Inazuma Eleven GO. Yuuichi first appeared in episode 3 and joined the Tenmas, to play against Protocol Omega. Immediately, he recovered the ball and dribbled past most of the members of the adverse team.

Who are the supporting characters in Inazuma Eleven?

Inazuma Eleven 1・2・3!! Endou Mamoru Densetsu ) is one of the supporting characters in the Inazuma Eleven GO and Chrono Stone series. He is the elder brother of Tsurugi Kyousuke . “What if the childhood accident never happened…

What kind of clothes does Tsurugi wear in Inazuma Eleven?

In a poster scan for the Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W, his casual clothing is similar to Hakuryuu. The only difference was the color, Tsurugi’s being light blue and his pants being brown.

What happens to Kyousuke in Inazuma Eleven?

It is revealed that Yuuichi had an accident when Kyousuke fell from a tree; Yuuichi saved him, but at the cost of severing his legs. Since that day, Kyousuke always visits his brother at the hospital. He is then taken by Kuroki Zenzou, his former coach, to Ishido Shuuji, Fifth Sector ‘s leader.