Is tree fern good for orchids?

Is tree fern good for orchids?

Tree fern has a long history as a growing medium for orchids. Orchids grow beautifully in tree fern, as it has excellent moisture-retaining qualities and allows for great air circulation.

What is tree fern fiber?

Tree fern fiber is a popular orchid potting medium that has been widely adopted by the terrarium community. It is resistant to decay and helps with aeration of soil-less mixes. Tree fern holds up well under moist, humid conditions.

Where does tree fern fiber come from?

As you may have guessed from the name, tree fern fiber is fibrous material harvested from the trunks of tree ferns. There’s a range of tree ferns species that grow in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world.

What kind of fern do you use for orchids?

Tree Fern. Fernwood brand New Zealand tree fern is available as a loose substrate as well as panels for directly mounting orchids and use in lining vivarium backgrounds. Tree fern from New Zealand is unique in that it is soft, porous and spongy, and long lasting with excellent water holding capability.

Which is the best fiber for potting plants?

Sustainably Farmed Tree Fern Fiber from Guatemala for all your potting needs. Very resistant to breaking down, tree fern fiber keeps your growing mix from compacting and smothering roots. Keeps drainage and airflow open.

What can you use tree fern wire for?

Offer excellent drainage and aeration and can be used in high humidity glass houses without deterioration. Are soft enough to easily push wires through the fiber, allowing the panels to be used as hanging mounts. The wire holds fast because of the strong fibrous nature of the product.

What kind of wire to use for orchids?

The wire holds fast because of the strong fibrous nature of the product. Tree fern in panel form comes in two varieties – thinner panels for use in lining vivariums and thicker versions designed for mounting orchids. Fernwood’s harvesting process ensures minimal environmental impact.