Is Toyota Corolla Verso a 7 seater?

Is Toyota Corolla Verso a 7 seater?

The Toyota Verso comes in three trim levels, two of which offer the seven-seat configuration as an option.

What replaced the Toyota Corolla Verso?

Although the design of the car is based on the Verso’s namesake, the Corolla, the Verso does not share a platform with the Corolla, instead being built on a separate unique platform….

Toyota Corolla Verso
Successor Toyota Verso (Corolla Verso) Toyota Corolla Rumion (Corolla Spacio) Toyota Passo Sette (Corolla Spacio)

Which Toyota model is 7 seater?

Highlander. A Tampa family favorite, the Toyota Highlander, features versatile seating options that allow space for either seven or eight passengers. The third row of the Highlander has a three-person bench on all seating levels, and the L and LE trim levels also feature a second-row bench to allow seating for eight.

Is the Toyota Corolla Verso a 7 seater car?

7 seater one owner excellent condition full service record make: toyota corolla verso 160 sx colour: silver mileage: 228000 km year: 2011 condition… We deal with all kind of used cars,2016 toyota corolla 1.6 with 128000kilo…

Is there a Toyota Corolla Verso in Gauteng?

Toyota corolla version 1.6 7 seaters, 6 speed,pre-owned vehicle available on a very good condition,worthy your cash,finance is also available with all… Used cars for sale in gauteng “we deal with all kind of used cars, cash and cash only 2005 toyota corolla verso 160 120 000km r111,000 abs, central locking…

What kind of car is a 7 seater?

Tyres about 80 7 seater drives awesome light on fuel papers in order lic… 2005 toyota corolla verso 180i manual. 7 seater. 186000km. Car in good condition… More. Robertsham area, johannesburg south make: toyota verso 1.6 s colour… Corolla verso 7 seater. Start/stop button. 7inch touch screen radio… For a bakkie.

What kind of interior does a Toyota 7 seater have?

Make a powerful first impression in this Toyota 7 seater. A premium interior compliments the bold front grille, optimal cargo space, and available LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). This eco-sensitive Toyota 7 seater offers the ideal balance between power and efficiency.