Is there going to be a Just Cause 3?

Is there going to be a Just Cause 3?

Just Cause 3 was officially announced by Square Enix at the 2015 E3 conference on June 16th. The game was released on December 1st, 2015. This is the sequel to Just Cause 2, released in 2010. A sequel, Just Cause 4, was released in 2018, three years and three days to the date this game was released.

Who are the antagonists in Just Cause 3?

Parachute and Grappler mechanics are vastly improved. The main antagonist is a dictator – General Di Ravello . There is a new Wingsuit, used for faster traversal. The game has lots of different Small Destructibles . There is a new vehicle unlocking system that ties in with the rebel drop system.

Why did nerd³ completes the Simpsons Hit and run?

Nerd³ Completes: The Simpsons Hit And Run – Dan started this series due to high demand and praise people had for the game. Due to his love for The Simpsons he decided to play it and had high expectations, this was soon short lived due to the basic map style, repetitive gameplay and general bad quality.

How many Wich Dan Videos does NerdCubed have?

Nerdcubed currently uploads 2 (Sort of) Series onto his youtube channel: Nerd³ Plays – Videos in wich Dan will simply play games in his traditional style. (This series will sometimes be replaced with a slightly different concept, Nerd³’s Hell, Nerd³ Reviews. etc) Each of these are uploaded one day early onto his Patreon

How many story missions are there in Just Cause 3?

This page contains the Walkthrough for Just Cause 3. There are 25 story missions to complete, in addition to many areas to liberate and Challenges to complete. Our interactive maps are Google-style maps that anyone can add to. Use it to find Vintage Parts, Challenges, Military Bases and more! (It also works on mobile devices!)

Where can I buy Just Cause Day One?

Available for purchase at the Square Enix store. It includes: Day one edition of the game. 24 x 24 inch (60 x 60 cm) paper map of Medici. 32-page book of screenshots/artworks. 15 inch (37.5 cm) replica of the JC3 version Grappler. EB games exclusive day one edition. Available only at EB games .