Is The Little Couple still married?

Is The Little Couple still married?

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have been married for about as long as they’ve been on television, as they’d just tied the knot when they started filming “The Little Couple.” During that time, the pair has been through a lot together, including becoming parents (after years of trying) and moving several times.

How much do The Little Couple get paid?

According to, Bill and Jen earn between $25,000-$40,000 per episode. They reportedly rake in a much higher sum in comparison to other TLC stars on the network.

Is The Little Couple coming back in 2020?

While the show has yet to be officially renewed, the last time the series aired new episodes was in August 2019. It is a major possibility that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic may have impacted the show’s filming and halted production. However, there has also been no word of a cancellation either.

How often does the little couple adopt Zoey?

Zoey’s adoption day is celebrated every year. And, now, she’s a bit older, Zoey Klein participates eagerly. The family calls it the “Gotcha Day.” And The Little Couple, mom said that when she looks back at the day they adopted Zoey, it still makes her “cry.” 2020 marked the seventh year since Zoey became a part of the TLC family.

Is the little couple still together in 2021?

The Little Couple in 2021 still enjoys the cute little guy. Just the other day, Bill shared that Dr. Jen gave him a good wash. Mind you, we know from Bill’s post that she won’t clean Rocky’s “anal glands.” Not that fans really needed to know that, but it gives an insight into the family.

Who are the members of the Little Couple on TLC?

TLC fans really miss their favorite family, Dr. Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey. For a long time now, people waited for the next season of the show. Fortunately, Dr. Jen keeps her fans up-to-date on what happens in their home. Recently, Bill became a bit more active on Instagram, so he also shares things.

How old was Zoey Klein on the Little Couple?

Just two years old at the time, the poor little mite seemed terrified of Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein. She even shrank away from toddler Will. Although the adoption took over a year to go through, they never actually hunted around for an Indian child. But, when they heard about her needing a home… Jen and Bill never even hesitated.