Is the 338 Federal a good round?

Is the 338 Federal a good round?

338 Federal shows its parentage in that it can be a seriously accurate hunting cartridge. 338 Federal case are less than desirable for long-range target work, but for a hunting cartridge—especially in a trim, lightweight hunting rifle—with a maximum range of 300 yards or so, it does quite well.

What can you hunt with a 338 Federal?

Shake hands with the 338 Federal. It shoots flatter and harder than a 30-06, produces more muzzle energy than a 7mm Remington Magnum, and recoils less than a 30-06. It will handle not only whitetails, but black bears, elk, and moose as far away as anybody is likely to hit them.

Who makes a 338 Federal?

.338 Federal
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer Federal Cartridge / Sako
Manufacturer Federal Cartridge

What kind of powder does a.338 Federal rifle use?

The .338 Federal case runs on the middle-of-the-road powders, like Hodgdon ’s VARGET, Alliant Reloder 15 and IMR 4064, and a standard large rifle primer.

When did the federal.338 Winchester come out?

Released in 2006 as a joint venture between Federal and Sako, the .338 Federal may be one of the wisest choices that the big-game hunter who likes a lightweight, sweet-shooting short-action rifle could make. The cartridge is simply the .308 Winchester necked up to hold .338-inch bullets, and will fit perfectly in a short-action receiver.

Which is better a.308 Winchester or a.338 federal?

Quite obviously, the .338 Federal is not going to be as readily available or affordable as the .308 Winchester —the latter’s military origins coupled with the benefits of being .30-caliber guarantee popularity—but for a big-game hunter who wants something a bit different, the .338 Federal can handle a rather wide number of scenarios.

Is the.338 federal a 1, 000 yard target?

In the accuracy department, the .338 Federal shows its parentage in that it can be a seriously accurate hunting cartridge. Is it a 1,000-yard target cartridge?