Is Seismic Audio a good brand?

Is Seismic Audio a good brand?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great speakers, well built, good sound. The Seismic Audio SA-15T speakers are very nicely made. The cabinet is very stiff, solid and made of “MDF” (a fancy sounding acronym meaning “Medium Density Fiberboard”).

Who is seismic audio?

Seismic Audio was founded by Steve Acree with the goal of selling quality gear well below traditional retail prices. The name Seismic Audio is derived from Steve’s initials. We are a company based in Memphis, TN, dedicated to making the established musician sound their finest.

Where are system audio speakers made?

System Audio Speakers designed and built in Denmark. This brand of speakers are hand crafted by pure audio enthusiasts. Stunning Design and built presented with original finishes that will impress the most dedicated Hifi perfectionist.

What do you get with a SA speaker?

When you choose SA, you don’t get cheap plastic sound in your living room. What you do get, are thoroughly tested speakers with a great sound. With SA legend silverback, music lovers get experiences in the very highest quality. It is a family of 100% active speakers that are innovative like no other.

What are the features of Sound Solutions Audio?

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Features: Advanced T-Plate Cooling Technology Heavy duty die cast basket with metal red finish Kevlar fiber added non-press paper cone with texture finish Hi-roll high density foam surround with red stitching 3″ hi-temp…

Is there an SSA online car audio store?

SSA® Online Car Audio Store | We Finance! 60 second credit decision! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US & Canada. (443) 345-1537 Great product (APM-2) all my friends get a kick out of it.

What are the specs of the SA series?

SA SERIES T/S SPECS SA 6.5″ D2 SA 6.5″ D4 RE (Ohms) 4.0 7.1 FS (Hz) 48.9 51.8 VAS (L) 4.1 3.6 Qes 0.50 0.54