Is 134 and 134a the same?

Is 134 and 134a the same?

Some people use the terms R134 and R134a interchangeably, as seen in a casual search of automotive websites and storefronts, but they aren’t identical. The same number and type of atoms make up R134 and R134a, but the arrangement differs. Although R134 is technically a refrigerant, it’s less efficient at moving heat.

Is 134a Freon still available?

Conclusion. So ladies and gentlemen in conclusion R-134a is being phased out across all light duty vehicles in the year 2020 or the 2021 model year. The thing to keep in mind though is that while the applications are being phased out the refrigerant itself is not.

Can you mix R22 and 134?

In conclusion, do not mix R-22 with R-134a refrigerants, you will ruin the charge, and possibly seriously damage or destroy your A/C system.

What is 134a Freon used for?

R134a is a HFC, used in automotive air conditioning and as a replacement for R12 and R22 in medium and high temperature refrigeration applications, such as commercial and domestic refrigeration and chillers. R-134a is an HFC refrigerant, which requires polyolester (POE) lubricant to be used in the compressor.

How much does Freon cost per pound?

As of June 2015, the average price of Freon is $300 per 30-pound cylinder, which translates to about $10 per pound.

How much does 134a refrigerent cost?

R134A Refrigerant Prices. R134A Freon costs $4 to $10 per pound wholesale or $50 to $110 per pound installed. Only a handful of home air conditioner units use R134A refrigerant as a standard. R134A is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) that does not deplete the ozone layer. Return to Top. Puron vs. Freon Cost

Where to buy R134a Freon?

R-134a is one of the most common refrigerants in the market today and can be bought at various locations either online or even at your local Sam’s Club.

What year did they start using 134a Freon?

R-134a first began to see widespread usage in 1992 and took over the automotive market entirely in 1994. If you have a vehicle from 1994 or newer your air conditioning unit takes R-134a. It has been the standard automotive refrigerant for over twenty years.