How much are property taxes in Waterford?

How much are property taxes in Waterford?

State Equalized Value = $75,000. Taxable Value = $65,000. Total Tax Rate (summer and winter) = 35.0000.

How do I look up property taxes in Michigan?

You can request copies of property tax statements from your city/township/village/county assessor’s office or their web site.

What city in Michigan has the highest taxes?

100 Michigan cities and townships with the highest property tax…

  • Detroit (Wayne County): $6.1 billion.
  • Ann Arbor (Washtenaw County): $5.8 billion.
  • Troy (Oakland County): $4.9 billion.
  • Grand Rapids (Kent County): $4.9 billion.
  • Sterling Heights (Macomb County): $4.2 billion.
  • Livonia (Wayne County): $4.1 billion.

What county in Michigan has the highest taxes?

Among Michigan’s 83 counties, Leelanau has the highest average residential assessment — $140,977. Leelanau is the peninsula northwest of Traverse City and includes the resort communities of Northport and Suttons Bay.

What are the taxes on in Waterford Michigan?

Local schools (Waterford Community Schools, School District of the City of Pontiac, or Clarkston Community Schools) Taxes collected for the Township help fund for police and fire services, library services and the operation of the Township.

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When do I get my Waterford School tax bill?

The Tax Hot Line can be accessed by calling 888-600-3773. If September 14 falls on a weekend or holiday, the deferment date is next business day. Waterford, Pontiac and Clarkston school districts have requested that 100% of school taxes be billed on the summer tax bill. The winter bill is mailed on December 1.

What does Waterford Township do for small businesses?

Waterford Township is pleased to announce the Local Business Covid-19 Assistance Program. The program utilizes funds received under the authorization of the CARES Act to provide mortgage/rent relief to small businesses within the Township up to $10,000. Read on…