How low can a crop duster fly?

How low can a crop duster fly?

Over congested areas crop duster planes cannot fly below 1000 feet. Over rural land, they may operate at a minimum of 500 feet. While spraying crops, pilots have to do their best to reduce drift of the chemicals, which means flying as low as possible.

Why do crop dusters fly low?

Generally, the regulations allow ag-application pilots to fly as low as necessary to get the job done, but not so low as to create a danger to those on the ground. It’s usually up to the pilot; and they are cognizant of people walking in the area and other obstacles.

Can crop duster flying under power lines?

Crop dusting pilots are the adrenaline junkies of the farm world. They whizz through the air and fly under power lines to apply seeds and pesticides to farmers’ fields. Crop dusting pilots are the ultimate multi-taskers. They fly the plane while dodging trees, homes, power lines and on-lookers.

How hard is it to fly a crop duster?

7. Flying is difficult. The flying involved in aerial application is technically challenging and occasionally hazardous, so it is imperative that pilots know that they’re doing.

Is it legal for crop dusters to fly low?

Crop dusting is a legitimate reason to be flying low, so the FAA is almost certainly not going to come to your aid. From their point of view what he’s doing is legal, as long as he isn’t doing something unsafe. Obviously you should try every recourse to resolve it amicably.

Where can I find a crop duster pilot?

Crop dusting in Hanover Virginia. This crop duster pilot or as known in the aviation community, an AG pilot (agriculture pilot), is incredibly talented as he sprays these crops for pest. This appears to be an Air Tractor.

Why did the FAA take action against crop dusters?

The FAA received several complaints from neighbors in the area regarding the crop duster’s supposed “low flying.” Thus, the FAA instituted an enforcement action against the crop duster and the farmer that hired him. An administrative law judge determined that the area was a “congested area” and that finding was upheld by the FAA enforcement board.

How are crop dusting pilots different from other pilots?

He appears suddenly on the horizon and disappears almost before you have the chance to register him. Today’s crop dusting business is completely different, with million-dollar turbine-engine planes, intricate GPS systems for planning the row flights and triggering the sprayers, and well-trained, experienced pilots.