How fast does Blue Ginger grow?

How fast does Blue Ginger grow?

It takes about six weeks to form enough root mass to support the plant.

How do you grow Blue Ginger?

Both blue ginger species are easy to grow, particularly in dappled shade conditions with regular moisture to promote the lushest growth. If you have a truly tropical garden, then grow your blue ginger in the ground, preferably in a humus-rich, partially shaded location.

Is Blue Ginger plant edible?

Blue Hawaiian ginger root is an edible type of ginger that has a blueish tinge through the rhizome. When in its immature state, the roots of blue ginger look just like any kind of ginger plant.

What does Blue Ginger look like?

In late summer and fall, this tropical plant puts out 10-inch tall spikes of rich purplish-blue flowers. The blooms look great in the garden, but can also be cut and used in floral arrangements. Not truly a ginger, blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) is actually in the same family as spiderwort and wandering Jew.

How long has blue ginger been in the ground?

I just dug up my blue ginger. I had it on the west side of the house so it gets a fair amount of shade. It has been in the ground about 4 years. There were A LOT of the tubers! Generally they were connected to the “growing root” and I agree with one of the posters that it seems to provides or store nutrients/moisture.

What should I do with my blue ginger plant?

Since they are just there, in the yard under the wider, taller canopies, we don’t do much to them except for trimming off once in a while so no idea as to what kind of fertilizer would be best. They do well in humid conditions. They do root easily. Just cut pieces of the cane and stick in the ground.

Where can I find Blue Ginger Dichorisandra in Hawaii?

On May 23, 2004, foodiesleuth from Honomu, HI (Zone 11) wrote: This plant grows very well in the wild in Hawaii. Does not require any care that I can see. I live in the rainy area of the Big Island where it is not unusual to get rain measured in feet rather than inches.

Where can I buy fresh ginger in Hawaii?

Mature rhizomes are cut into seed pieces and shipped to our customers for replanting all across North America and here in Hawaii. Tiny rhizomes are planted in fresh medium in raised beds suspended well above ground. Happy customers now have their fresh ginger. Here is Bubba Baba baby ginger grown by Tani Creek Farm. Powered by Squarespace.