How does WebAssign grading work?

How does WebAssign grading work?

Your instructor determines your grade for the class, not WebAssign. Your instructor chooses what score and grade information to display and when it is updated. From the menu bar, click Grades. When all items are shown, you see grade, category, and class statistics based on the last time the GradeBook was recalculated.

Does WebAssign track time?

Note Time estimates are dependent upon student interaction with WebAssign. There is no way to account for the way a student spends the time between interactions or the time a student spends working offline.

What does NS mean in WebAssign?

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How do I link my WebAssign account?

I Have a WebAssign AccountClick Link Your WebAssign Account.Type your WebAssign username, institution code, and password. Don’t know your username or institution code? Click Forget. Enter the email address associated with your account. Click Submit. Click Continue.If prompted, link your WebAssign account to a Cengage account.