How do you say thank you for a surprise baby shower?

How do you say thank you for a surprise baby shower?

Thank You Note Wording For Baby Shower Hostess “Thank you so much for throwing such an amazing shower in my honor. I feel truly blessed to have such a generous friend in my life.” “No one could have pulled off such an amazing baby shower like you did. Thank you so much for making me feel so loved and appreciated.”

What to write in a baby shower thank you note?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. “Thank you so much for hosting the perfect baby shower, it was such a special day. We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us.”
  2. “Thank you for your generous gift of hosting our baby shower.
  3. “We’re so grateful to you for planning and hosting the best baby shower ever!

How do you thank someone for a surprise gift?


  1. “You’re the best.”
  2. “I’m humbled and grateful.”
  3. “You knocked me off my feet!”
  4. “My heart is still smiling.”
  5. “Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure.”
  6. “Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.”
  7. “The banana bread was fabulous. You made my day.”
  8. “I’m touched beyond words.”

How do you thank someone for something unexpected?

You can thank the person for what you *do* appreciate about the gift; for example:

  1. “It was so thoughtful of you to bring me something from your vacation!”
  2. “I am so grateful you always think of us around the holidays.”
  3. “I was so surprised to get a package in the mail! It totally made my day.”

How long to send out Thank you cards for baby shower?

The honoree should send thank you notes to her baby shower attendees two to three weeks after the baby shower. Sending out thank you cards for gifts you received is a highly recommended gesture after a baby shower has occurred and is proper baby shower etiquette.

Should you open gifts at the baby shower?

Baby shower etiquette: Don’t let gift giving become the focus . It’s okay to throw a shower for a second or third baby, or for someone who is adopting an older child. Baby showers bring to mind much oohing and awing (obligatory or genuine) as piles of pink- or blue-themed gifts are opened.

What to say on “Thank you” notes?

Thank you! Thank you so much! Thanks for helping me. Thanks a bunch! Thanks a million! Thanks a ton. Thanks for everything! Thanks for taking the time to think of me. I can’t thank you enough I don’t know what to say, except thank you!

Do you have to open gifts at a baby shower?

There is actually quite the debate on this question of whether or not you have to open gifts at the baby shower. Traditionally a baby shower is a time to “shower” the mom-to-be with items she needs for the new baby. All the baby showers I have attended consist of socializing, eating, playing games, and opening presents. Jun 29 2019