How do you find the area of a sail?

How do you find the area of a sail?

The conventional way to find sail area is to calculate the area of the foretriangle (FT) between the mast, headstay, and deck; the area of the mainsail triangle (M) between the mast and the boom; and add them: SA = FT + M (= IJ/2 + PE/2).

How do you size a gennaker?

What size do I require? The luff length is the deciding factor when choosing the right size Asymmetrical Spinnaker. As a general rule, if you are going to fly the spinnaker just above the front pulpit, then the luff length should be about the same length that the mast height is above the deck.

What is gennaker sail?

A gennaker is a sail that was developed around 1990. It is not symmetric like a true spinnaker but is asymmetric like a genoa, but the gennaker is not attached to the forestay like a jib or genoa. The gennaker is rigged like a spinnaker but the tack is fastened to the hull or to a bowsprit.

Is the gennaker the same as a code 0 sail?

A Code 0 is another name for a Gennaker. Not necessarily. The term Gennaker can cover a Code 0, Screecher, or a reaching spinnaker. Gennaker is just a general term for a potential downwind sail. 2. A Screecher and a Code 0 are the same thing. Nope.

What kind of boat is a North gennaker?

North Gennakers are offered in three distinct models (Close Reacher, All-Purpose, Runner), one of which will be a perfect fit depending on your boat’s performance parameters and your preferred wind range.

What’s the best way to sail with a gennaker?

Sailing with a Gennaker in light to medium winds seems to open a valve and letting free an extra flow of Endorphines: Gennaker sailing makes happy. I´ve tested it multiple times during my “Sweden Sailing”-experience where I was transferring the prototype of the then new Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 from Germany to Stockholm.

Where do you put the sheets on a gennaker?

The sheets for the Gennaker must be run through a block that is fitted sternward behind the Genoa winch. As the Gennaker is a form of reaching sail and is wide overlapping we will need this long sheet for sure to be flexible on the point of sails.