How do you complete the summertime saga homework?

How do you complete the summertime saga homework?

You know what to do: go to the library and talk to Jane. Wait for the afternoon and Mia appears at the library. Speak to her, then take the French romance book in the library back room. At home, use your computer to finish the homework.

How can I improve my ChARISMA in summer?

How to Gain ChARISMA. To level up your Charisma you need to talk to Eve in your French Class at school who will invite you to participate in Rap Battles at the Park at night.

How do you fish in summertime saga?

Instructions. First, choose the right bait depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Then use ← and → to line‐up the bait. Anticipate the position of the fish, the lower it is, the more it shifts to the right or left before the hook reaches it.

How do you catch a Tigger?

He wants to retire, but he can’t stop until his nemesis, Tigger, is caught. Thankfully, you can now attempt to catch the devilfish with the golden lure. Tigger is the ugly fish at the very bottom of the water; cast your lure so it doesn’t hit any of the other fish, on the way down to nap your prize.

Where is the treasure key in summertime saga?

Mystery golden key is a quest item found inside the stolen goods bag which is hidden behind a tree in the park; the bag itself appears once the player has reached step 16 in Mia and Helen’s route. The golden key opens the buried treasure chest in Aqua’s route.

What is the puzzle in summertime saga?

The puzzle minigame is an interactive trial that is part of the treasure hunt on Aqua’s route. It can only be performed at night on the promontory which lies in the middle of the forest, once the old scroll has been retrieved.

How do you unlock the graveyard in summertime saga?

There is a crack in the fence near Diane’s garden. Head through it to get to the cemetery. Look at the tombstone on the left-most side to find Ben Dover’s tombstone. After looking at the grave, you’ll now need to find a large bell in town somewhere.

How do you get Judith pants down?

When the dialogue option appears, choose ‘You’re not ugly’ and then agree to stay when she asks. Judith will talk about your previous encounter when you were both naked and will ask to see it again. Agree and she will pull your pants down and then offer to let you touch her breasts.

How do I get Orcette in summertime saga?

Erik wants the Orcette sex toy which costs $300, so go home and use your computer to go onto ‘eGay’ to purchase the toy. You need to type orcette into the search bar and then hit the Purchase Now! button and the toy will be sent out to you the following Tuesday.

How do you get Mrs Smith’s DNA?

Mrs Smith’s DNA – Go to Mrs Smith’s office and talk to Annie. Talk to her again to distract her and then go inside and grab a tissue from her trash can. Vegetable Stock – Head to ConsumR at the mall and ask the clerk about Vegetable stock.

How can I buy lasagna in summertime saga?

Lasagna is a quest item purchased at Tony’s Pizza for $20, and used with the candle and the box of chocolates to arrange a romantic diner for Grace and Odette in Eve’s route.