How do you clear the codes on an Onan 5500 generator?

How do you clear the codes on an Onan 5500 generator?

How to Clear a Fault Code on Onan Generator

  1. Locate the primer button on the generator.
  2. Hold the primer button down for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Release the button and start the generator.
  4. Allow the generator to run for 15 minutes, to ensure that the code has cleared.

Why does my Onan generator keeps shutting off?

It could be something as simple as a bad Temperature Switch or a problem with the carburetor on the generator or as complicated as some voltage issues with the generator itself.

What does code 36 mean on Onan 5500?

I’m glad you corrected your issue, but it’s not the cure for every generator that shuts down with a Code 36. Code 36 means the engine stopped without a shutdown command from the control panel. This could be caused by a bad fuel pump, clogged filter, crimped fuel line, dirty carb, and on and on.

Why does my Onan generator keep flashing code 36?

Code 36 seems to be the catch-all error code and you cannot assume you have the right fix for every time the code flashes. Sometimes, the control module does not see the correct voltage for both legs of the generator. When this happens, it still sends out a code 36.

Where is the armature coil on an Onan generator?

One way to make sure it is the armature coil is if your generator needs time to cool down before starting up again. Usually, you may not be able to re-start the unit until 30 minutes have passed by. The armature coil is normally located next to the flywheel making it not to difficult to find and replace.

What to do when your Onan generator shuts down?

The wood absorbs the heat and should help clear the fuel line. Once the line is cleared re-attach the fuel line and start your generator. Another issue may be the fuel pump itself. If you can, insulating it may help prevent vapor lock and other fuel delivery issues.