How do you change the background color of a Fieldset in HTML?

How do you change the background color of a Fieldset in HTML?

fieldset background: rgb(244, 244, 244); 21. fieldset font-size:12px; padding:10px; width:250px;text-align:right; 25.

How do I customize a Fieldset in HTML?

The following CSS rules are used to style the fieldset elements:

  1. #el01 {padding:0} /* Remove padding */
  2. #el02 { /* Text and background colour, blue on light gray */
  3. color:#00f;
  4. background-color:#ddd.
  5. }
  6. #el03 {background:url(/i/icon-info.
  7. #el04 {border-width:6px} /* Border width */

How do you make a colorful border in HTML?

The border-color property sets the color of an element’s four borders….border-color: red green blue pink;

  1. top border is red.
  2. right border is green.
  3. bottom border is blue.
  4. left border is pink.

What does Fieldset do in HTML?

The HTML element is used to group several controls as well as labels ( ) within a web form.

How can I define fieldset border color?

I am using class but this is not working properly because i want to remove fieldset default border color. so how can I use fieldset border color. It does appear red on Firefox and IE 8. But perhaps you need to change the border-style too. It works for me when I define the complete border property. (JSFiddle here)

How to make fieldset look good in CSS3?

The HTML fieldset element is nothing new, but in this piece I am going to show you how to use some CSS3 styling to give your form fieldset elements a new look, a makeover if you will! We will add a border, a border radius, background gradient, padding, display block, define several fonts, and add styles for the legend.

How to find the border color in CSS?

If the border-color property has four values: border-color: red green blue pink; top border is red. right border is green. bottom border is blue. left border is pink.

Can a fieldet be round in Internet Explorer?

Fieldset with rounded corners and border color By default, Internet Explorer shows the frames with rounded corners and a predefined gray color. If you change the color by redefining the border attribute, it loses its default attributes and become of squared shape. And IE8 does not have attributes to round the corners like Firefox.