How do I use Cisco mini USB console?

How do I use Cisco mini USB console?

How to Connect Cisco Device via USB Cable Using Putty

  1. Login to Cisco’s support site and download the Cisco USB Console driver.
  2. Plug in USB cable to Cisco device and PC.
  3. From your PC open Device Manage à Ports should now show the Cisco Serial (COM3) listed.

What is the purpose of the mini USB port on a Cisco router?

Cisco has added mini usb port into their products for many years. The key to use this port is to get a right cable. At most situations we are using regular RJ45 console port with a USB to Serial Adapter connecting to your computers.

What type of cable is used to connect to a Cisco console port?

RJ-45 connector
The console port uses an 8-pin RJ-45 connector. If you did not order a console cable, you need to provide an RJ-45-to-DB-9 adapter cable to connect the switch console port to a PC console port.

What is Cisco console port?

Every Cisco router/network switch has a console port on its back. It is there to provide a way to hookup a terminal to the router in order to work on it. The console port (sometimes called the management port) is used by administrators to log into a router directly — that is, without a network connection.

How to configure Cisco Mini USB console cable?

Install Cisco USB Console drivers on your computer: You may need to reboot your computer. 3. Confirm the COM port number: In this case, it is using COM6 port. 4. Set up Serial access using PuTTy 5. Console Outputs once connected successfully. USB console is taking precedence before Rj45 console access for input.

What kind of USB ports does Cisco use?

Cisco has now given us the ability to connect our laptops to the USB ports for console access. Cisco has added USB Type-B ports to their devices and these ports can be used as a console cable.

How can I connect my Cisco console to my router?

Step 1: Attach the DV9 Female end of Console cable with the DV9 Male end of the USB to DV9 Serial Converter and then connect the RJ54 connector end of the Console cable to the Cisco router or Switch. First check the COM port number. Step 2: Check the COM Port number: => Go Device Manager->Port (COM & LPT)-> check USB Serial Port (COM port)

Where can I get a mini USB console?

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