How do I upload homework to Gradescope?

How do I upload homework to Gradescope?

Submitting your PDF on Gradescope are turning in. Click Submit PDF > Click Select PDF > locate the correct file on your computer > Click Upload PDF. list of all the assigned problems, and images of all your scans. For each question click the page(s) that contains your answer.

How do I submit on Gradescope?

Log in to on your computer. Click on the course and then the assignment you’d like to work on. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box you’ll find the assignment due date, release date, and the number of minutes you will have to complete your assignment.

How do you submit homework on Edmodo?

To post a new assignment to one or more of your classes or groups, follow these instructions:Select the add button located in class information panel of your group’s page.Click Create Assignment from the dropdown menu.Fill out Assignment Title and Instructions for the assignment.

Can I resubmit on Gradescope?

You can resubmit from this page any number of times until the submission deadline by clicking the Resubmit button on the bottom action bar. For variable-length assignments, you may also reselect the pages at any time (even after the deadline has passed), up until the point when grading begins on your submission.