How do I manually uninstall DPM agent?

How do I manually uninstall DPM agent?

Here’s How You Force the Removal of a DPM Agent

  1. Launch the DPM Management Shell on the DPM Server.
  2. Type the name of the remove script – remove-productionserver.ps1.
  3. Enter the name of the DPM server.
  4. Enter the FQDN of the machine to remove.

How do I Install a DPM agent on a non domain server?

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Install the agent – Install the agent on the computer you want to protect.
  2. Configure the agent – Configure the computer to recognize the DPM server for performing backups.
  3. Attach the computer – Lastly you’ll need to attach the protected computer to the DPM server.

How do I restart DPM protection agent service?

In the Command Prompt window, change to the directory to which the SetAgentCfg.exe file was copied. For example, change to the directory %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin . Restart the DPMRA service.

What is the DPM agent service called?

The DPMRA service is the DPM replication agent and is found on the protected servers and also on the DPM server.

How long does it take to install DPM agent?

The DPM agent installation will popup some window and then close automatically once the installation is complete. The agent installation should take roughly 10 seconds. 4. Once the DPM agent installation is complete, open up a Command Prompt (Admin) on the workgroup server.

How to install a protection agent on a DPM server?

The Remote Registry service must be running on both the DPM server and the computer before you can install a protection agent. In Administrative Tools, start the Remote Registry service and then install the protection agent. Is remote procedure call (RPC) unavailable?

How to install DPM in a Workgroup Server?

Now that we have created the necessary steps for the workgroup server, we can finally start installing the DPM agent. 1.

Do you need DPM for a DMZ server?

These servers are in need of backup as much as any server that belongs to a domain. The process for backing up workgroup or DMZ servers is exactly the same as with domain-joined servers, but installing the DPM agent is slightly different and requires a few additional steps.