How do I fix a DNS error on my Epson printer?

How do I fix a DNS error on my Epson printer?

Check DNS settings. Try the following: Make sure the address in the contacts list on the printer and the address of the shared folder are the same. If the computer’s IP address is static or set manually, change the computer name in the network path to the IP address.

What are DNS settings for printer?

To set the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS addresses, select Primary DNS or Secondary DNS. To enter the address, use the arrow buttons or the alphanumeric keypad. Press OK….

  • At the printer control panel, press the Machine Status button.
  • Touch Network Settings > TCP/IP Settings.
  • Touch DNS Configuration.
  • Touch DNS Servers.

What is a DNS error on printer?

If DNS isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to use web-connected services, such as your browser or email, despite your computer or router showing a working internet connection. The webpage may timeout, give you an error message, or even bring up a specific “DNS error” message.

How do I find the DNS for my printer?

Here’s where you’ll find the settings:

  1. Windows: Network Connections > IPv4 > Properties > Advanced > DNS Tab.
  2. macOS: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS Tab.
  3. iOS: Settings > WiFi > select the network > Configure DNS.
  4. Android: It’s possible to check the DNS server.

Where do I Find remote print log on Epson Connect?

It can be checked via iPrint or the Remote Print Driver menu [Maintenance] – [Print History] . The printer owner can check the status by accessing “Remote Print – Print Log” on the Epson Connect User Page.

Do you have to have a network to use Epson Connect?

No, you cannot. You have to connect your printer to a network, such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, that has an Internet connection. For more information on a printer’s network setup, refer to a paper manual that came with your printer or on-screen manuals. Can I use the Epson Connect service without a network router or an access point? No, you cannot.

Can you register an email address for an Epson printer?

Your email address is not on the printer’s Approved Senders List. To register your email address, please contact the printer’s owner. The Epson Connect Service is maintaining. Please resend your email later. Some email providers may reject the printer email address if it includes specific character (s).

Where can I find the Epson support page?

At Epson we are committed to providing superior customer service by offering a variety of support options. To locate downloads for your Epson product, visit the Support home page and find your product using search or category navigation. Drivers, software and utilities are available for immediate download on the Downloads tab.