How do I contact Standard Bank Insurance?

How do I contact Standard Bank Insurance?

  1. Please call 0860 111 837 or email [email protected] to log a claim.
  2. For all other queries feel free to email [email protected].

How do I claim Standard Bank Insurance?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign into your accounts”
  3. Select Insurance Online.
  4. Login / If not yet registered, you will need to register after clicking on login.
  5. Under the “My Insurance” tab, select “My Claims”
  6. Select Policy to claim under.
  7. Select “New Claim”
  8. Follow the prompts to load the claim.

How do I cancel Standard Bank Insurance?

Cancellation and changes to the policy We may cancel or change this policy by giving you 30 days written notice at your last known postal or street or email address. You may cancel this policy by giving us 30 days notice by means of email, written notice or calling us on 0860 123 741.

How do I claim a funeral from Standard Bank?

What you’ll need:

  1. Certified copy of death certificate .
  2. Notification of registration of death.
  3. Burial order.
  4. Certified copy of the claimant’s ID.
  5. Proof of relationship (like a marriage or birth certificate).
  6. Additional documents may be required for unnatural death claims.

What is a substandard insurance company?

Definition of substandard insurance. substandard insurance 1. A class of insurance for individuals or entities who for one reason or another do not qualify for standard insurance policies and rates. Because of an increased risk of a loss, insurance companies force those with higher risk profiles to pay increased premiums and/or special or restricted provisions.

What is banker life insurance?

Bankers Life is the marketing brand of Bankers Life and Casualty Company, Medicare Supplement insurance policies sold by Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company and select policies sold in New York by Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company (BCLIC). BCLIC is authorized to sell insurance in New York.

What is Bankers Insurance Company?

Bankers Insurance Group is a subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation. Bankers was founded in 1976, and has since grown into the parent company of five insurance companies, including Bankers Insurance Company. Bankers Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance provider. Bankers Insurance Contact Information.