How do I contact Pearson MyMathLab?

How do I contact Pearson MyMathLab?

Contact Technical SupportFind AnswersSearch frequently asked questions 24/7.ChatChat online with a live representative 24/7.EmailAsk a question via email and receive a detailed response, monitored 24/7.PhoneEducator telephone support 24/7 | (U.S. and Canada)

Is there an app for MyMathLab?

The Pearson eText mobile app works on most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

How can I get a free trial of MyMathLab?

Enter your Course ID (found in Blackboard under the “MyMathLab Course ID” tab in this math course). Either log in or create a Pearson account if you do not have one. Near the bottom of the page is a link to “Get temporary access without payment for 14 days.” Click on that and follow the instructions.

How do I open MyMathLab on iPad?

MyMathLab iPad TipsCheck your time zone setting (I know this is weird). Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Use the Chrome browser. Go to this website for My Math Lab.If you get a message about pop-ups, choose Always Allow.Adjust the settings in Chrome. Tap to refresh the page. You should be able to access the book now.

Can I use Pearson on my iPad?

You may be able to use your Android or iOS mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to work on regular Mastering assignments as well as any Learning Catalytics sessions and Dynamic Study Modules. A Pearson student account is needed to access assignments in Mobile view. See below for more details about Mobile view.

How do I get Pearson to work on my iPad?

Please go to the iTunes app store to download the free Pearson eText for Campus app. To initialize your eText application, use your mobile Safari browser on your iPad to sign in to your MyLabsPlus, MasteringPlus, or third party LMS course and select a link to your eText.

Does Pearson realize work on iPad?

We officially support iPads. Can I still access Realize on a mobile device other than an iPad? Although Realize does not yet officially support all devices, the Realize team is working to support customers that are using Realize on iPhones and Android devices, and is actively testing several devices for compatibility.

How do I see page numbers in Pearson realize?

Swiping the screen from bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom (portrait view only). Typing a page number in the Page Number field located in the right side of the Toolbar. Using Table of Contents, bookmarks, and Note references.

Why does kindle use locations instead of pages?

The reason that location numbers are used instead of page numbers is that the user can adjust the size of the text, but that might result in the book being fewer or more “pages,” so location numbers are more accurate for locating a particular spot in the book.

How do I print a chapter from Pearson eText?

An eText can have either a Print icon or a Print link or both….Printing one page or facing pagesNavigate to the page or facing pages that you want to print.Click the Print button .Enter settings in the Print dialog box, as needed, and click Print.